Provisioning Problems In FPBX 5.211/Ast 11.8.1

My PolyCom SP IP 550 phones don’t register or allow me to provision them from FreePBX & I’d like to know why.

They worked at first, and still work with the configurations they’ve always had; but I can’t make any changes. Apparently one of my predecessors made some change to something that keeps the phones from successfully taking the configurations from the PBX. I’ll need to fix this to add/replace phones.

(I’d like to be able to push out the Line Key configuration to all endpoints without having to touch each one individually. I’d also like to set a wallpaper image on all phones as it was before said predecessor made his change(s).)

It appears there’s some problem in logging in to the Provisioning Server, but I’m having a hard time finding exactly what was changed to cause this. I’ve tried changing SSL, TLS, etc. and don’t really know what to enter on the PolyCom phones to get the handshake to ‘take’.

I think the predecessor must have changed something in the PBX since when he did this, he was on his way out & didn’t have time to touch each phone.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get my SP IP 550s “talking” to the Provisioning Server again? (It’s the same server as the PBX, just on a different IP address mapped to the same NIC.)


Holy cats, man - that version of FreePBX hasn’t been supported for ages.

Before spending too much time on this issue, you may want to consider putting aside a weekend to upgrade…

Agreed, planning for an upgrade is overdue. This page may interest you:

We concur. Unfortunately, the best way to get there is to install each upgrade in turn, up to Current, which would take most of the year’s weekends. Otherwise, there are so many crude hacks in this installation we’d spend as much time getting every little thing back to where it is now as we would getting the new version running (I’ve spun up a latest-version copy but can’t spare any phones to join it yet).

What I was hoping to be able to do would be to get this broken bit sorted so I could replicate the PBX on another box & let that run through the updates then switch over one weekend.

Everything “works” as far as the business needs go, it’s just impossible to manage or reprovision the phones since the Provisioning server doesn’t talk to them.

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