Provisioning Polycom Soundstation 2201

Which Polycom Phone in FreePBX Endpoint manager do I use to configure a Polycom Soundstation Duo 2201-19000-001 conference phone? I’m currently using FreePBX Thanks!

My experience (which is light in EPM) is that installing “one-off” phones like this as a standalone outside of EPM is simpler than setting up all of the stuff you need for EPM to manage this as a single phone. If you have more than one, then using EPM for this would make it less work in the long run, but for dogs-and-cats phones like this, just set the phone up to talk to the FreePBX extension and call it good.

Thanks Dave. I basically did this although I just chose the most basic phone in the Polycom line and was able to get it configured up fine. I was hoping to program a couple of the horizontal soft buttons but that’s not critical to my need. I appreciate your response.


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