Provisioning Polycom Soundpoint 331


I used EPM to provision a Provisioning Polycom Soundpoint 331. It was successful! Then, I decided to change hardware to another Provisioning Polycom Soundpoint 331 with a different MAC address. The 1st provisioned phone continued to work. I then went back to EPM to do a save config, restart and re-provision phone but the first phone continues to work and does respond to provisioning. Why? It shouldn’t provision anymore right?

Provisioning works, that the phone downloads a file which has the a bunch of information including the SIP registration information.

If you delete a phone from extension mapping, it’s not going to stop the SIP Registration from the old phone, because no one told it to stop…

So when you provision a new phone with the same extension AND you still have the old phone working, they both are going to fight over the registration.

You need to somehow reset the old phone, or disable registration before provisioning the new phone.

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