Provisioning Groundwire

Last fall I became interested in writing a custom provisioning script for Groundwire mobile clients. I got involved in other things and forgot about it till now, so I was thinking of putting the bits and pieces here for discussion or for others to use if interested.

Groundwire has the same configuration file as Acrobits Cloud Softphone products and the formatting is defined here:

Provisioning is triggered by an app-specific URI, the set of which (for Acrobits products) is found at

I started work into a php script that could be placed in the FreePBX web location and deliver a provisioning block. You would send a link to the mobile phone by SMS with a secret token that the FreePBX admin puts in the “account code” field. There are other ways to do it, but I really like abusing the account code field (I have used it for a variety of purposes, none of which are actually “account code”).

Hope someone can run with this and make it more useful.


Hey Bill, thanks for sharing. Can you update the gist with license details pls.

OK, made it GPL v3 in case anyone would want to pull it in to FreePBX in the future.


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