Provisioning Free PBX w/ Polycom Phones for Home Use


Has anyone ever attempted to provision a polycom phone with Free PBX to work from home? I’m in a rut on how to get this done.

If someone could provide feedback or instructions on how to do this, that would be great!

For “Home use” it would be likely easier to set up the phones with their inbuilt webserver, all you would need is the server user and password that FreePBX expects

Well it would be for work, but I would tie my work # to that phone so I can work from home.

I am confused, is it as you stated for Home Use or work?

Either way the phone’s Web interface is as easy as pie, just needs a bit of RTFM :wink:

LOL, sorry for the confusion! I am trying to provision a work phone that can be used at my home. Provision a phone outside the office.

Then set one of your Polycom accounts (there are several available) to connect to the work server’s Internet connection location, then fill in the blanks for user and password. All done by the inbuilt web server.

You will also need to set up the Integrated Firewall to allow your SIP connection (Chan-SIP or PJ-SIP port) through to the server, and you’ll have to forward UDP ports 10000-20000 to your server from the firewall. Set up the extension in the appropriate (PJ-SIP is the “better” choice) channel driver with the extenstion number and password you set up in the phones Mini-web server.

If your home connection has a static IP address you can allow the IP, if you get a dynamic address, you can create a DynDNS (or other simikar service) and use a hostname set up with that service to point the name at your house’s phone connection.

The odds of him needing to forward any ports are extremely low.

Most phones and routers are smart enough to handle this when registration is used.

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