Provision Problems

I did a restore back to version 16 using the latest version 16 restore point I had. I noticed that somehow my https provisioning credentials had changed in Sys Admin so I changed them back to my original proviioning credentals and did a restart. Now every time I try and push out a template or I try and do it from the phone I get a pop up that ask for username and password. I enter my provisioning credentials but they don’t work. Eventually I get a Apache ban under Intrusion Detection and have to clear it but I cannot pull down a config.

Can anybody tell me where the provisioning credentials are stored in cli? Is there a file that I can edit?

Also, when I go to the provision address http://ipaddress:84/aastra.cfg it ask for credentials. Is it supposed to do that?

are you provisioning with zero touch…

provisioning creds can be found at: [Endpoint Manager] [Global Settings]

The username that is currently configured for HTTP and HTTPS provisioning is ‘xxxxxxxx’ and the password is ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ (without quotes).

as well to register the device you need the secret… if thats what you mean by password, found on the extensions page.

i am no expert, just some thoughts…

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I have all of that and I am doing zero touch. But even when I try to auto-provision through the phone I was getting the pop up asking for credentials. I just got this to start working about an hour ago, here’s what I did. I switched all my templates over to provision only by https and I switched to https only under sys admin / provisioning protocols. I rebooted the server and it started working. I don’t know why this made it work, but if anybody is looking for this in the future, this worked for me.

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