Provision IP phone with extension over site 2 site VPN


I have FeePBX version running as a vm with one commercial module – EndPoint manager. All works except I’m having trouble provisioning Yealink IP phone on site 2, site 1 is where PBX server is. I must mention that softphone works ok over vpn and I can provision extension with free version of Zoiper app.

During IP phone provision, the phone gets correct extension and gets assigned with correct admin password set by me in PBX but finial step fails all the time

We use SonicWall firewalls on both sites, I added option 66 to DHCP.

The phone I’m having trouble with is Yealing T42S, I also attached the diagram for better understanding.

It’s very possible I oversight something in the PBX firewall or edge firewalls but can’t figure out what.

Any suggestion or help will be highly


Have you looked at this discussion from the forum earlier this year?

There are peculiarities with SonicWALL that you need to be aware of and this discussion covers many of them.

Oh gosh, I missed some of those for sure. Will check thoroughly and update this thread, thanks for pointing this thread to me.

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