Provider change directions

Just took over an IT Department which has been using FreePBX

It has been up for over a year and it doesn’t look like updates have been done in sometime, We are planning on changing providers of both our data and phone service; can someone point me in the right direction to help make this change.

Thanks in advance,


Michael -

There could be technical details that are different between the two PRI’s

It is quite a learning curve to learn the FreePBX interface and Asterisk in time for your conversion. You should be able to obtain the status of your PRI’s and manipulate the configuration based on error messages.

FreePBX offers paid support that would allow you to leverage experienced professionals to obtain a guranteed outcome for your conversion. Billed at a fixed hourly rate it is a very budget friendly alternative with no long term commitment.

Please consder the alternative and let me know if I can answer any questions.



A PRI doesn’t depend on the internet connection to the Asterisk Box. It is delivered as 24 digital channels, 23 are voice and one is a signaling channel.

If the Qwest PRI is active, they should have given you some DIDS. You’ll have to set up inbound Routes to accomodate those DIDs and temporarily swap the Qwest for the TW. When you can get that to work, you’ll swap back to the TW,set up an LNP with QWEST to move your existing numbers to the new PRI. Once a date is set for the LNP, you just should be able to just swap to the new PRI and press on.

Don’t forget you’ll have make sure the DID’s are delivered by Qwest in the same format that you are receiving from TW.


thanks for the help/guidance.

I will test later this week. I had previously tried just switching devices and that failed. I guess I need to get the DID set up as you indicated.



One more thing…

The only thing you should have to change concerning internet access is the WAN address of your router.


so should I be able to unplug from my TW box and plug it into my Qwest box, and have call flow?

is there a time delay, do I need to change my WAN information if all the TW lines are still active?

Can I have my WAN going through TW and the T1 fo rthe phones going through Qwest?

thanks for all the help!



From your description, looks like you have a PRI. With that you should simply unplug one pri and plug in the other. You’ll want to figure out how they deliver DIDS. You can have them deliver the DIDS as 4 DIGITS, 7 or 10 digits.

Make the new one deliver the same as the old one so you won’t have to reconfigure to account for that.

Finally, don’t forget LNP. That means that you can take your old DIDS and transfer them to the new provider. Nobody will have to change numbers.


It is a PRI t1 line that comes into our box.

1.) they show configured as ZAP, there is not much more information listed on the Admin page.

2.) currently paying TW Telecom, in the process of switching to Qwest

3.) CAT5e from the PBX to the TW box.


Problem is that if you don’t exactly know what you are looking for, an ethernet port and a pri can look very similar. anyway you can photograph your TW interface and send it to me?

What have you ordered from Qwest?


the port utilized on the TW device is labeled as DS1, the port to be utilized on the Qwest device (an Adtran router) is t1/net3.

we have ordered what is called a Versa Pack from Qwest.

I can take pictures but I don’t think I can add them here and I don’t have an easy place set up to post them.


A couple of ways to tell…

  1. how are the trunks configured.
  2. Who are you paying for phone service?
  3. What is the physical connection to your phone server?

Also you mentioned that you think you are using ZAP trunks. If this is correct, that would probably be PRI or POTS for incoming.


OK…Are your trunks SIP, PRI or POTS?

Also, be advised that even though Trixbox uses a version of FreePBX, it may have nonstandard modifications by Fonality, so there might be differences.


I’m pretty sure the Trunks are sip, though I would like to know how to be sure. is there some where in Free PBX to identify them?

Thanks of rthe heads up regarding TrixBox, I found my way here because this is what comes up on the admin page; I only use the term TrixBox because that is what everyone here calls it, adn it is what I was told they were running.


Sorry I was not more specific.

Yes our external facing ip addresses will be changing.

Our Trixbox is set up with both and internal and an external connection, figured this was obvious, my bad.

Trunk appears to be setup as a ZAP trunk.

I’m looking for direction to change the external facing Ip address - assuming that I need to. Additionally I’m looking for any other things I should be aware of.

again I appreciate the response.


First of all, upgrade your system.

Secondly, you give absolutely no details of your current system or what you are
going to.

Your question is akin to someone saying, “I have a problem with my car, what could be wrong.”

That being said:

What type trunks are you using? Are you going to have to change IP addresses on your internet?

There will probably have to be changes on your network router as well as in FreePbx. There might even have to be changes on the various computers/servers in your office to make them work.

Without knowing the topology of your installation.