Proper way to do asterisk version upgrade under FreePBX 2.7 or later

I’ve been into Asterisk with FreePBX for a couple years now and recently bumped into a new problem.

I broke 2 different systems running asterisk under 2.7x and 2.8x by trying to do a live upgrade “from source” to Asterisk 1.6.2.current.

My OS of choice is Ubuntu 10.4lts.

The reason for the version upgrade was that I could not park or transfer a call after it had been parked once previously. That was because I had heard there was a bug somewhere in the 1.6.2.teen versions causing the problem.

I DO not have this problem with Asterisk 1.4x or recent 1.8x installs.

AnyWhoo,…after I downloaded the source ran ./configure. make clean, make and make install my amportal startup was broken with “Asterisk ended with status 1”,…and it restarted asterisk perpetually.

I Googled the scenario and symptoms to death and ended up back here. Where I could find NO relevant posts.

The questions is What would break the “amportal start” after an Asterisk version upgrade from source?

Look at your log file in /var/log/asterisk, file is called full, it should list the error in there.

It could be two things:

  1. In /usr/lib/asterisk/modules you have an old module that was compiled with the previous Asterisk. Remove files that has a different date than most of the files in there.
  2. A faulty config file in /etc/asterisk.

My guess is number one.

Thank you soooo much Mikael!!!

I had outdated Digium FFA modules in said folder. Deleting them fixed it.

I seem to have been kind of shunned in these forums about a year ago on my questions and I vow to start answering more newbie questions like I did before the strange feeling of “black ball” in 2010.

As a footnote I did find the solution to the problem that caused me to do my live, version upgrades of Asterisk under FreePBX 2.7x.

I could NOT park a call that I had parked once before. Here is the fix I found with a lot of DEEP Googling that brought me back here.

A good old helping of RTFM has enlightened the solution to this issue. Adding the following entries to the features_general_custom.conf have enabled us to transfer and re-park calls:

parkedcalltransfers = caller
parkedcallreparking = caller

There are quite a few other options that can be configured but these made it work.

Hope this helps someone else!!