Proper procedure to update FreePBX distro v13?

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Currently I’m using Elastix and would like to migrate to FreePBX. Just installed STABLE – 10.13.66 with Asterisk v11 on a VM and testing it. When there’s a update for module is it ok to do the update and is it highly encouraged?
On Elastix it was not advised to do yum updates because it would break stuff.
Is there a yum update to on FreePBX? I could not see it.

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You are talking of two different things…

FreePBX modules add functionalities to FreePBX and are updated using “Module admin” from FreePBX itself.

On the other hand “yum update” update packages which are installed on the Linux distribution. Those can be updated using yum update or you can update them from System Admin (Pro?).

(Personally I prefer “yum update” since you see what gets updated.)

If you are using the distro then both should be safe to use and update…

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Hi Nick,

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Ok, so module updates are ok to update.
Since FreePBX sits on top of CentOS is there any benefit in doing “yum update”? can it somehow “break” FreePBX?


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Yes and no…

Normally the answer to this would be “no” since they use their own repos for the distro so what get published/updated that way should be safe…

However, it looks like this might be what broke DAHDi support on my server recently…

We will know soon enough, I have opened a ticket and it was assigned to someone yesterday…

But normally you should keep those packages updated as well…

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Thanks again!

I’m glad FreePBX has better user discussion. On Elastix questions never get any reply.

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As noted, FreePBX updates are done via Module Admin, and generally speaking, these updates should be applied regularly. Using Module Admin, you can switch to a beta track for a specific module if you are keen to test the latest version, and you can roll back to previous versions if you encounter a bug.

Normal users shouldn’t ever need to run yum, Distro updates are done using Sysadmin Pro or the methods outlined in this wiki:

Package updates and upgrades scripts run outside of System Admin Pro have proven to be much more reliable for me…

Call that the perils of using the beta version but the first time I tried from System Admin Pro I hosed my system (but then I was running beta software so this is part of the game)

Another time, once FreePBX 13 went stable the update did not want to apply from System admin Pro…

All of the update problems that get reported here appear to be from people updating from the gui…

You are right though It’s much more “friendly” to do it from the gui but I believe that it was TheJames which said it was perfectly fine to run yum from the command line to update packages.

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That’s correct. You can run ‘yum update’ whenever you want.

Thanks for your input guys!

I will stick with just Module Admin updates. All I need is system that is stable and works.