Prompt for CLID? [Solved]

Hello forum

We use FreePBX in a small business, and have listed all customers and suppliers in asterisk phonebook.
Using simple CID Lookup source = Internal
For most callers [POTS or VOIP], our phones tell us who is calling.
[Same simple functionality as most cellphones.]

BUT some callers block their CLID data.
For ONLY those CLID blocked callers, I’d like to implement something as following :

“Hello, and thankyou for calling.
Unfortunately we have not recognised the number you are calling from.
Please enter your 10 digit telephone number, and then press the hash key.
If you’re calling from the IRS, please press 8, then the hash key.”

If IRS pressed 8, transfer to special voicemail extension.
If number entered is recognised from phonebook, proceed to normal dialplan and ring group, and display the caller’s name.
If number not recognised, transfer to a special extension.

TIA’s for any tips, clues or suggestions for how to do this ?

Did you explore the “Privacy Manager” settings in you inbound routes? (Did you read the WIKI yet ?)

Thanks for your tips and clues.
I had no idea this feature is called “Privacy Manager”, hence my question above.
I’ll soon take the Privacy Manager for a test drive.
Yes, thankyou I am familiar with some of the excellent wiki pages.

A lot is in the wiki , be familiar with it all, preferably not just “some” . . . :wink:

A shame the wiki is NOT working !

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This has been resolved