Progress with Digium b410P Card

After much research and testing I have finally got the Digium b410P Quad BRI card working with our Telstra ISDN lines and Freepbx. I have created a Custom trunk that allows me to dial in and out via ISDN.

The problem i seem to have now is that Port 1 on the Card is connected and working but i can only make 1 call at a time whereas each port should have 2 channels. I can make a call and receive a call at the same time but not make 2 simultaneous calls.

I couldnt see any mention in the documentation about the need to set channels except for the maximum channel option in the Trunk Config.

Has any1 successfully installed this card in Freepbx??


Hi, how you do for use b410p with freepbx ? I used digium documentation for install my b410p, I can recieve call but not make outgoing calls.
I use Debian and the last svn of asterisk 1.2 and freepbx .