Programming my polycom vvx310

I have had these phones running off freepbx for a while but have not programmed them totally. I used to do the xml files by hand on the old ip500 but there must be a other way? Any instructions online on fully setting up the vvx310 ?

Use End Point Manager module. Its only 75.00 and makes it completely simple to setup phones.


Is that a one time licence to use on one phone or many phones?

It’s a 25 year license for a single pbx. Annual stipend required for continued support and updates.

I agree. Use Endpoint manager, and your life will be made easier.

The Polycom phones are great, but you do need to tweak the EPM settings to get voicemail to work correctly. Let me know when you get to that point, and I can steer you in the right direction.


25 years is a life time ill be retired then LOL