Programming Help Needed-Automatically Update Follow Me based on time

I need some programming help with setting up a web-based user interface to change a Follow Me.
Our situation is we have various people on call for fixed shifts in a 24-hour period. During business hours, incoming calls to a queue ring the phones in the office, however, after hours, the calls need to go to an extension or external number of a person on call.
The on call shift times don’t change, but the people on call will. I know the people going on call can dial in to enable call forwarding to their extension/external number, but I’d like the process to be automatic, and be able to be scheduled in advance.
What I envision is a calendar, with drop-down menus for each day to select the extensions (or a custom external number) of the person on call. That way call forwarding can be scheduled weeks/months in advance.
At the appropriate time, the followme is updated to route to the person on call for the duration of the shift.
I’m hoping someone handy with PHP can help me implement a web-based calendar, that will update the Followme. I’m willing to compensate for your time.
Thank you.

Well luckily in FreePBX 14 FollowMe ties in to Calendars which support a few calendar backends. That may just be what you’re looking for.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried integrating into Google calendar, and it’s not the functionality I’m looking for. The calendar only works to forward to one destination, and I’m going to have multiple destinations based on whom is on call for that shift. That’s why I’m looking for a script that can automatically update the follow me to the appropriate extension of the person on call.

I use the calendar to control time conditions. I have a time condition for each person on call and it is selected by the active calendar.

The calendar integration in FreePbx supports categories, so if you use microsoft calendar you can create a category for each person. I use google, so I have a hack to convert the event name into a category. I believe the latest beta has added regular expressions in the calendar event definition, but I haven’t tried it yet.

This works great for a static set of people.

Not so good if it changes frequently.

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