Programmatic changes to user info


I am looking into how I can programmatically change the password or the extension numbers for the users. We are using the FreePBX web-based interface at the moment, but management requires a programmatic way (java or perl or something) to access and modify user information stored in the extensions.conf file.

Should I:

  1. Modify it via the web-interface
  2. Directly access, parse, and change the extensions.conf file itself
  3. Program it via Asterisk API

I am still new at this and would appreciate any pointers and/or documentation that I should be reading up on.

Thank you very much!

huh? dP, the web interface is the programmatic way to modify it.

  1. that is what FreePBX does.
  2. DO NOT TOUCH extensions.conf (see the message at the top of the file as to why). the extensions are not stored in the extensions.conf file so what you are saying will not work with FreePBX.
  3. Asterisk API is useless to change FreePBX settings.

I’d recommend reading some of the documentation first it will help you understand.