Programically reload (avoid the red bar)

I’ve seen this requested several times and the answer to this is write your own system.

I personally love FreePBX, I don’t want to write my own. The GUI is not what makes FreePBX.

Here’s the reason I want to bypass the evil red bar. I have several sites that are trunked together. We have emergency failover if a PRI dies. All numbers from that PRI are automagically routed to one of the other locations. What we do is we route calls to an IAX trunk to the appropriate box if the incoming call does not belong on the PRI.

For instance:

Box1 has dids 19992220000-19992220099
Box2 has dids 19993331000-19993331099
Box3 has dids 19994442000-19994441099

IAX Trunks:
Box1 to Box2, Box3
Box2 to Box1, Box3


19993331000 comes in on box1 and it’s routed to box2 through the IAX trunk because the DID exists on Box2. This allows for complete failover of PRIs.

In any case we have a lot of numbers to deal with. Every time we add a DID we have to add it to all three (actually more) boxes. We want to do this through a central location. We’ll write the front end but we need to know how to programically reload each box without having to manually login and click the red bar on every box.

Sorry for the long explanation just want to make it obvious why we need this feature. I’ll even pay someone to make a perl script for me as long as its reasonable.