Program Grandstream analog gateway

Good morning FreePBX technicians. We are a company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that is in need of a FreePBX technician to help us with remote support. We have a customer in the Tennessee area that needs to add a couple extensions. We have network access, just need someone to partner with to do the remote programming. Would prefer someone in Central time zone to work with our technician.


I have to few questions I need to ask to see if I will be a good fit
My name is Bert, I have worked with VoIP Telephone systems (FreePBX) for 5 years,
I have a bit of experience with configure Grandstream analog gateway,
I own a small VoIP Consultancy firm in the UK called The Telephone Office

  1. How many extensions need to be added
  2. Can I perform this remotely

I am more then happy to work with the central time, if I do the work,
you will be changed $65 per hour via The Telephone Office,

Based on your reply, I will be able to give an price estimate and timeframe

Best Regards
[email protected]
+44 (0) 330 122 5533

For a client outside the UK you should not charge VAT on services supplied, so you will need to adjust your price for the client and file an exception with the UK tax office for those hours so billed.

I could help you with that if you give me more info.

Please do not duplicate posts.

I know the USD is strong globally right now but you might have your decimal point in the wrong place sir.

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Thanks for letting me