Problems with VoIP over VPN


For the first time I’m trying to connect to my FreePBX box over VPN.

I’m using FreePBX

And the VPN I’m using is OpenVPN 2.6.8, running on pfSense 23.09.1.

Finally, I’m using Zoiper5 Version 5.6.4 to connect to FreePBX.

I have successfully connected and can make or receive calls with Zoiper5.

But all calls drop after 30 seconds.

And I have no idea where to look to understand what could be causing the problem.

Please help!

Check Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings and make sure that the new LAN subnet IP is entered into those settings.

Yes it is entered

In that case you’ll need to provide logs of a dropped call for anyone to be able to help you out.

Is this 30 or 32 seconds?

Where is it entered? Specifically it needs to be in local networks.

Hey @dobrosavljevic

I lied! Well kinda

The LAN was there (192.168.1.X) but not the VPN network.

Clients from VPN are on a network.

I’ve added that in the Asterisk SIP Settings > NAT settings > Local Networks

I’ve tested, and now it appears to be fine!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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