Problems with the FreePBX gui in IE 7

Has anyone else run into this? When you hover over the help links in IE 7 in the freepbx gui the select boxes disappear momentarily. Does anyone know how to fix this? It’s really annoying.

it’s fixed in 2.5, I can’t recall the details. You can probably backport the fix to 2.4 if it was not done already. Look for the ticket about it in the tracker to figure out where the fix was.

Yes, it happens to me too.

The solution is to use Firefox. :slight_smile:

If you have issues with this because you can’t install software certain places, go buy a USB flash drive and install this:

Then you have firefox with you no matter where you go.

I’m sure that this has been listed as a bug, but in case it hasn’t, maybe you can post one in the tracker.


Awesome Thanks I found the ticket and got it working THANKS a million!!

See #2854 for the fix. Please don’t file a new bug unless the fix explained on that ticket doesn’t work.