Problems with the configuration announcement


I have Asterisk on system FreePBX 2.11. I need to configure announcement on mine number in company. Managed to set up numbers in “Inboard Routes”. I added voice audio to announcement but i cant connect with IVR. In “Misc Destination” added other number to check how its work redirect. Its work but i didint hear my announcement between forwarding to “misc destination” on dial example 1.

I dont have any idea whats going wrong. I do it step by step like in video ( but it dosnt work.

Could somebody helps me?
Thanks a lot

Your problem is that when an inbound call arrives it doesn’t go to the IVR? If so, you need to check the destination in your inbound route. If the destination is correct, but you don’t hear any announcement, maybe the audio format is incorrect or you have a NAT issue, but without a log of the failing call, it is just a guess.

What should this inbound route look like? Target it on IVR?

Point your inbound route to either an IVR or announcement

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