Problems with softphone from freepbx on aws

Hi everyone im very new to freepbx and i tried thanks to a tutorial to install freepbx on aws it looks to be fine, i added the trunks, inbound and outbound. Added the port 5060, the extensions as well, updated what it needed as well. Im still having the problem that it doesn’t connect to zoiper soft-phone when i add all the IP address, extension and password.It just gives me Registration failed(Request Timeout (408)). Ive noticed one thing tho that i dont have the firewall option on my connectivity, maybe thats why i have the error. What would some suggestions you guys would give me to check on my freepbx account(or zoiper).
Thank you!

In AWS, the Security Group for your instance, Inbound rules, you should have a Custom UDP rule for port 5060 and one for ports 10000-20000 (for RTP).

If that’s not your issue, run sngrep (which listens ahead of any firewall in FreePBX) and see whether the Zoiper registration attempts appear there.

Do your trunks show as registered? What happens on an incoming call attempt?

Thanks for your reply.
I did add the ports on my security group and i did run sngrep but no firewall shows up. My trunks are enabled. I havent tried to do an incoming call attempt because now when i try to connect my extension to freepbx IP it just keeps going without giving me anything. Like tries for minutes, maybe i should try some other softphones.

What are you saying here? The word ‘firewall’ makes no sense in this context. Do you mean no traffic / packets / output appears? That’s weird because you would normally see an OPTIONS packet sent every minute for each trunk and (if the trunk is working) the reply from the provider. And you should also see REGISTER requests from Zoiper.

At the Asterisk command prompt, please post the output of
pjsip show endpoints

I apologize for the delay on my reply.
so i did run sngrep again and yes i do see the REGISTER request from zoiper, after running asterisk -cvvvvv i did connect to the extension i created(idk if thats smth i should always do), after closing it my extension gives me the timeout error and doesnt work. Also when i try to make a call it goes through but says “the servers are busy now” and hangs up the call. Here is the pjsip show endpoints and the warning i get after “the servers are busy now”:

Anyone has some solution or some documents i can look into

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