Problems with Ring Groups/Follow me

Here is my scenario.

I need 3 separate extensions to ring

5 seconds after initial ring (not together with extensions) I need my cell to start ringing as well.
I tried everything Ring Groups, follow me, and then options inside: ring all, hunt….etc.

When I point inbound route destination to extension I can get follow me feature, but only initial ext will ring, and then rest of them with my cell phone.
When I point Inbound to ring group, all extensions are ringing but follow me with cell phone is not working.
Any ideas, I tried everything, Am I missing something?




Set up a ring group:

In the ring group member definition


Where the “X”'s indicate the cell phone number followed by a “#”.


Yes, but my cell will ring together with all the extentions.
I want it to ring with few seconds delay after initial ring, like in folow me.

Give it a try…

The setup time for a cell call is several seconds in my experience, this creates about a 5 second delay.


You could set up the ring group as mentioned above for the extensions.

At the bottom there’s an option for Destination if no answer. Simply point that to an extension that has Follow me turned on which lists all the extensions AND the cell phone.

Unfortunately it is ringing all together. I was on Asterisk Third Lane before and I had that option there.
I can’t believe that FPBX wouldn’t have that; there are so many other options.
The whole issue is that when Ring group is set on inbound round. Follow me for extensions in the ring group wouldn’t work.
For me follow me works only if I point inbound rote straight to that extension.

I found that adding a # to the end of the extension in the ring group list will activate the follow me function. What else it might be doing I don’t know. But, it might be just what you need.



The # is used for external or remote numbers (such as a cell phone). Remember to also dial any codes needed for outbound routes such as a 9 prior to the area code for example.

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