Problems with MOH in queue, inherits music from inbound route no matter what. please help

hello all, this is my first post here :slight_smile:
im using freepbx since last new year now and it rocks.

iwe come to this problem…

iwe set up a call center, inbound route leads to IVR, through some IVRs you get to the queue where static or dynamic agents are logged in.
when fisrt queue agent doesnt pick up in 20 seconds, the call is transfered to another queue, where different MOH should be played than in the first, but it doesnt. all queues, extension etc. get inherited music from the one set on inbound route.

this is what i get on start when i call in before the first IVR starts:
Executing [[email protected]:6] SetMusicOnHold(“SIP/”, “moh”) in new stack
Executing [[email protected]:7] Set(“SIP/”, “__MOHCLASS=moh”) in new stack

‘‘moh’’ is the music set in inbound route.
when the call comes into queue…
Executing [[email protected]:2] SetMusicOnHold(“Local/[email protected],2”, “AdriaMOHkitaraReklame”) in new stack
…i get this. its a different sound file, but it still plays the one from ‘‘moh’’.

i even upgraded from freepbx 2.3 to 2.4, same problem.
now i know im doing something wrong but i just havent been able to figure it out. any sudgestions?


doesnt anyone know how to get around this?

It sounds like you might have found a bug. So please report it as one. To do that select Development site on the left then select Report Bug. That way the developers will get notified of the issue and address it.

While posting the issue here does allow for people to talk about it, the only place to get it tracked and address for sure is by reporting it as a bug. Each and every bug needs to be reviewed and addressed in some way to be removed from the list.