Problems with configuring

I’ve set up FreePBX few days ago and i’m fighting with configuration.
Configured PJSIP and I see its working, when I call to PBX extension is calling, but on mobile phone i still see “calling” - even when I pick up call.
When we’re calling beetwen extensions everything is working.
When trying to call outbound I got info “The number you have dialed is not in service” - like extenstion dont have idea how to get to SIP Trunk.

Provider told Us to configure:

SIP: XXX, UDP port 5994
Media – RTP: XXXX, TCP/UDP port 30000-39999

IP: XXX, UDP port 5061
Media – RTP: XXX, TCP/UDP port 8000-40000

Can somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong?

On incoming call I can see in asterisk info:

I can see RTP is sending/reciving when I did loggin.
On firewall I have enabled NAT on outgoing and VirutalIP to forward ports

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