Problems with communicating between two VLANS

Hello everybody,

I’ve been trying out various networking configurations lately (All is done in a testing environment, obviously), and I’ve ran into an odd issue.

I have 2 VLANS (Just an example for this scenario): Phones & Computers (VLAN 30) and Servers, which include the machine running FreePBX (VLAN 60).

I’m using PfSense and I’ve configured it to allow the necessary traffic (WebUI, UCP, Signalling, etc.) to flow between the 2 VLANS, so, for example, A phone should be able to reach port 5061 on the FreePBX machine and a computer should be able to reach port 5360 (UCP Secure).

I’ve added the proper networks to the pbx firewall and set them as local. I’ve made sure that all the proper services are set to allow local traffic, but nothing can reach them. However, when I set those networks to also allow “Internet”, everything works just as it should.

I fail to understand why. If the services are allowed to accept local traffic and the proper networks are set to local, what can the problem? I’m surely missing something.

I appreciate your help.
Thank you and good night :slight_smile: .

So… A quick update:

I noticed that I accidently added the network with a /32 and when changing them to /24 (For example:, it seemed to have fixed most of the problems, and I can now access them properly when set to “Local”.

However, I still can’t get the phone widget in the UCP to work, even though ports 8088 and 8089 are properly open in the firewall. It shows a “Disconnected” status. Any ideas as to why?

I’m using a Let’sEncrypt cert. This is what the console shows:

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