Problems using custom sound language


Trying to get a custom language working with FreePBX Dsitro.

Here whats i tried:

  • Added the custom language at “Admin” -> “Sound languages”. (da)
  • Uploaded both WAV and GSM files to /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/da folder.
  • Changed Global Language in “Admin” -> “Sound languages” to the custom language i created,

Then i created a Queue and added caller Anouncements, but the message i got is still in english.

Are there anything i am missing?

I just tried adding a Language in “Applications” -> “Languages” where i selected Danish and set the destination to the Queue. Then the Anouncements are in danish, so it may look like the Global language setting does not work.

Does anybody know how to debug this behavior?

I think there is a bug.

In “Admin” -> “Sound languages” the custom langauge is set as the Global Language.

The route in “Inbound Routes” is set to Default and all anouncements are english. If i change it to Danish in the route, then its Danish.

Is that the expected behavior?