Problems syncing DND on Line and with Polycom VVX310 & 410

I have an issue with DND on the lines and the polycom VVX310 & 410 phones.

This is the scenerio:

If the phone is put in DND via the phone menu, the Lines on the BLF buttons that are monitoring them do not indicate DND. If the Lines are put in DND via the UCP or feature code, the phone does not show any indication that it is in DND. I tried to solve this with a sof button that toggles both the phone DND and the Line via a combination of a phone command and a feature code. This works and toggles both the line and the phone into or out of DND. The problem I have is if the phone reboots while it is in the DND mode, the phone comes back not in DND, but the line is still in DND. The toggle works but they stay out of sync.

I would like to just use the line DND, but I would like to have some indication on the phone to show that the line is in DND. I have tried to create a BLF button for the same line, which does do the indication, but that looks like a kludgy solution. Any suggestions?

Yes this is a issue with using phone side DND and why its not recommended. I suggest not using the phone DND feature and program a BLF button for it

That was the only solution that I thought of and the BLF button does indicate the DND state of the line, however I can either monitor the state with the line button set as BLF OR toggle the DND state with a speeddial button.

If I do the BLF button and the user presses it it will just dial themselves and will not toggle the DND on the line. I do not want to do this with 2 line buttons or a line button and a soft button if I do not have to. User training is a large part of it as we currently have over 500 users and are planning on adding 1000 more over the next year and a half as we migrate from a proprietary PBX

We are presenting our FreePBX solution to the Northeast Regional Computing Program, which is a group of Higher education institutions across the Northeast USA. I do think this will be a question that comes up, and was hoping for a more elegant solution. If there was another way to have the phone indicate the Line DND state that would be the ultimate solution.

No setup a BLF button on the Polycom Phone of *76XXX with XXX being the users extension number. So Extension 3000 would be *763000. Name the button DND and when they press it the button will toggle FreePBX DND on or off and when its on the light will light up.

That would be fantastic. I will try that immediately. Thanks again, You are the Man!

Sorry, I did try that, but when the BLF button has the *76xxxx it does not light and does not toggle the DND. When the BLF button is xxxx button lights for DND but when pressed I call myself.

I found it! the BLF Button has to be *7699xxxx then it works. It indicates the DND stat of the line and when pressed it toggles the DND state. Found this by looking at asterisk info and subscriptions to look at the hints.