Problems getting phones to register with Endpoint Manager

The phone in question is a Polycom VVX 410. I am provisioning with TFTP. There is a config for the phone in /tftpboot and I can see the phone successfully pulling the config in /var/log/messages. I downloaded the config and the format looks correct, nothing seems to be missing. When I reboot the phone, it never registers. The default like of VVX 410 is the only thing on the display. In the error log of the phone I have this stuff that looks a bit suspicious.

000035.182|tickt|4|00|soWebTicketCertMove: Could not copy key to new uiSlot
000035.183|tickt|4|00|soWebTicketCertMove: Could not copy cert to new uiSlot
000035.185|tickt|4|00|soWebTicketCertMove: Could not copy SIP user to new uiSlot
000035.186|tickt|4|00|soWebTicketCertMove: Could not copy SIP uuid to new uiSlot
000035.187|tickt|4|00|soWebTicketCertMove: Could not copy server to new uiSlot

The phone firmware is I am using the 1.09 firmware within FreePBX, which lists as supported when I select it. Anyone have any ideas?