Problems configuring find me follow me with a cell phone

I have set up an extension to use FMFM. When the extension is called, the phone rings “Initial ring time” seconds. After that time, the only number I have in my “Follow-me list” is a cell phone. The cell phone rings as expected but continues to ring regardless of the time set in “Ring Time”, with the following exception; If the “Ring Time” is set to 2 or 1, the cell phone does not ring. Any number greater than 2, the cell phone rings until the cell phone’s voicemail answers. Approximately 15 seconds. I want the FreePBX voicemail to take the call if it’s not answered within “Ring Time” seconds.

I have tried countless combinations of settings in the “Initial Ring Time”, “Ring Strategy”, “Ring Time” and “Follow-me List” without any success.

The only way to reliably do this is to enable ‘Confirm Calls’ and force the answerer on the mobile to press 1 to accept the call.

Thank you so much for the quick reply. I’ll try this.

That worked, thank you.

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