Problems after switching fro 1.8 to 10 or 11

Step by step i upgraded my system from 2.210.62-4 to 4.211.64-2.
All is working correctly after few reboots and applying configs. After that i was tryed to change asterisk version with asterisk-version-switch to 11. All seems to be correct before i tried to call some extension that working not with IPphone but thru FXS gateway. They are registered both on asterisk and on the device but incoming call not working.
Here is a log
Also got the same problem with CSIPsimple softphone from my Android - calling from phone is ok - but incoming calls not working with the same errors in log.
After changing back to 1.8 - all start work again correctly. For testng also tried chaging to 10 - the same situation like with 11.