Problems after provider upgraded system

Yesterday our VOIP phone provider upgraded their system. They sent me a username, password, domain name, outbound proxy and port number. So I went into the FreePBX GUI and changed the settings in the “Trunks” option. I was able to register with the provider and both the FreePBX and the provider confirmed that it was registered.
However now I can not make any outbound or inbound calls. Below are the following messages I receive.

Running FreePBX v2.4.1.9

When making outbound calls:
“All circuits are busy not, please try your call again later.”

When making inbound calls:
“You have reached a non-working number. Announcement 14 Switch 22-95.”

I am new to FreePBX and was “dropped” into the role of managing this with no prior knowledge of the system.
I’ve tried whatever I knew. Can anyone help?
Appreciate any help in advance.

I would suggest calling FreePBX support. They will get you back up and operational.

Click on the support link, it’s money well spend.

Have you spoken to the service provider. They just have changed something else other than username and password. Is there actually a registration string? Can you post yout trunk configuration?

So I got the PBX system registered and I had to allow anonymous incoming calls for incoming calls to come through.
However outbound calls aren’t working on the new settings so I’m still using old settings.