Hi everybody,

I have to configure 2 POTS lines with freepbx 2.7 on AsteriskNow. So I created 2 trunks and 2 inbound routes. My problem is that when I write the number of the line in the DID Number of each inbound routes, the system tells me that the number is not in service and ask me to check and dial again. When I retire the number in DID number, everything is good, but with no DID in inbound routes, I can’t route call on specific extension. Of course, what I wanted to do was to route each line on precise extension. I really don’t know what’s wrong. I have to tell you that my 2 outbound routes work just fine.

Thanx for reading.

You need to manually set the DID for each analog channel using the “Zap Channel DIDs” module

Ok, thank you very much, I will try it in few minutes.

You were right,lgaetz. Everything is good, thank you very much. But what does Zap channel Did serve for (excuse my english lol)?

Zap-Channel DID creates a ‘Pseudo’ DID and binds it to a DAHDI or Zap channel so it can be routed with the inbound route mechanism.

Analog lines don’t have DID’s, so this gets around that limitation.

Does that make sense?
I thought that the number of the line was its Did.

No the analog facility has no way of telling Asterisk what the TN is associated with the line.