Problem with web interface after upgrading to 2.5rc1


I recently started having problems with the FreePbx web interface. I don’t know for sure that it’s related to the 2.5 upgrade, but I did not have this problem in the past and did not perform any updates recently. This is a Trixbox system.

When connecting to my system (/admin/config.php) using Internet Explorer, all i see is an error page saying that “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”

Using Safari or Firefox, it connects, but I see that there were errors with certains files. Furthermore, some pages like the module admin page do not load completely. I would like to update the FreePbx framework module to 2.5.0rc1.1 (I’m running 2.5.0rc1.0), but I’m unable to. I don’t know if this has anything to do with my problem or if this update is important or not.

I tried checking the Apache logs, but there’s nothing signifiant in the files.

first try forcing a refresh of all css files with ctl+shift+ refresh or equivalent. Next, do load framework, it may be related as there was a css change do address an error which could be related. (so make sure to do the refresh after). If you can’t get it updated through the gui, try running:

/var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin --help

that will show you the options you have to load modules from the command line so you can see how to load framework.

I was able to upgrade all the modules by using the command line. Using the web interface the download would either stall at 2%, or I wouldn’t even be able to click on the upgrade button depending on the browser I was using.

My problem appears to be consistent with what is described at: The main status page of Trixbox won’t load under IE; i get the “Cannot load webpage”. The problem appears to be limited to PHP pages; all the FreePbx pages are affected by the issue.

I tried rebooting, checking the log files of Apache, enabling php debugging in php.ini but really can’t locate the issue… one thing is sure, it worked perfectly in the past.

Thank you for your help.

is your memory_limit in php.ini adequate? (set it to 100M if lower and see)

It is already set to 100M, and max_execution_time is 90… i also tried setting error_reporting = E_ALL to see if I would get an error message, but I have no information on what’s going wrong.

This is strange, I am having the same issues, I just came accross this post after posting something similar on Trixbox

Any ideas? I already rebooted the machine and did a yum update

trixbox if you are using their copy (PBXconfig) now has it’s own repo and “trixbox fixes” that they have not shared with FreePBX.

Please remember that the trixbox version is a fork from the FreePBX version they went and did this on purpose and changed things without sharing… Because the have done that it’s not easy to interchange things. They changed the FreePBX version from 2.5 to 5.5 (probably in some stupid attempt to look even more advanced then FreePBX), they point to there own copy of the module repo, and last with I looked they were missing some modules which we can’t control.

So due to both issues it’s not easily possible to support install, update, xxx is missing/not working things because they have been taken out of the control of the developers.