Problem with user call diverting

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I have a major problem with call diversion (forward) which despite my attempts, it seems I am unable to work out or maybe I am missing the whole concept. We are using FreePbx 12.0.65 with all the latest patches. Here is the business scenario:

1 - a user (i.e. an extension which is a member of a ring group) needs to be able to divert all her calls to an external number frequently (e.g. time off, break,etc…) from her phone.
1.1 - She has follow me setup to a mobile number she regularly diverts the calls to, but she needs to be able to do this herself

1.2 - At the moment, I cannot do this in anyway. I actually have to take her out of the ring group and force the diversion which is clearly not the solution. I have tried to do this on her phone which is a Panasonic KX UT123 or on my latest version of X-lite or a couple of Cisco phones, trying all the default feature codes*72, *93 and so on. I have even tried to use the UCP

1.3 - Ideally, I would like the user to press or dial a couple of keys on the phone and all of her calls use the follow me number or let her choose another number (override her follow me) and give her full control of her own call diverts

Clearly, I do not know what I am doing and would be grateful if anyone could clear up this messy picture for me.

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Follow-me can be toggled via dtmf using the default feature code of *21. You can program a BLF to *21<ext#> to use for a toggle and it will light when follow-me is enabled. In FreePBX 12, users can log in to the UCP to add and remove their own follow-me numbers whenever they want.

Thank you very much Lorne. Worked like a charm. Thanks again.

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