Problem with trunk

Hi, I have installed FreePBX, and created extensions and calls are running fine, but We (I and the other end) have trunk problem.

I have done portforwarding from my router till freePBX-pc (example below) 4569 udp 5060 udp/tcp 10000-20000 udp

NAT Settings:
NAT : Yes
IP Configuration: Static ip
External IP: my external.ip.adr
Local Networks.

Trunk settings:
host=address.of.the other.side

Can You give any hints ?
BR Ulf

I am new to FreePBX. I previously had my setup with My Freepbx setup is currently not placing inbound or outbound calls. I use as my Trunk provider. How did you manage to copy your config files and post here (where would I find if when I ssh into my server).

I am not if your are supposed to forward all the ports to your PBX? Maybe someone else can verify that. My clients work, both local and external. I do not forward all my ports to my PBX.