Problem with status in Queue

Hi everybody,
I have big issues with the status on my queues. I have a time condition, if the time is correct the call goes to my first queue (8001), the duration of queue is 30 second and then the call goes to my second queue (8002), the duration is the same of the first and then play an announcement and the call is finished.
The problem is when I see my reports, because always the status of calls is “ANSWERED”. Maybe I need to change parameters but I dont know wich, can u help me?

I want to now how the status can be “busy” or “not answer”, I let you my queue parametters. Pls help me!

Edit Queue

Queue Name: Woo 01
Queue Password: -
Generate Device Hints: -
Call Confirm -
Call Confirm Announce: Default
CID Name Prefix: -
Wait Time Prefix: No
Alert info: -
Static Agents: 4300,0
Extension Quick Pick (pick extension)
Dynamic Members: -
Extension Quick Pick (pick extension)
Restrict Dynamic Agents No
Agent Restrictions Call as Dialed

General Queue Options

Ring Strategy ringall
Autofill: -
Skip Busy Agents: yes
Queue Weight: 0
Music on Hold Class inherit
Ringing Instead of MoH :heavy_check_mark:
Join Announcement None
Call Recording No
Recording Mode After Answered
Caller Volume Adjustment No Adjustment
Agent Volume Adjustment No Adjustment

Timing & Agent Options

Max Wait Time: 30 second
Max Wait Time Mode: Strict
Agent Timeout: 30 second
Agent Timeout Restart: No
Retry: No Retry
Wrap-Up Time 0 seconds
Member Delay 0 seconds
Agent Announcement None
Report Hold Time Yes

Timing & Agent Options

Max Callers: 0
Join Empty: Yes
Leave Empty: No
Penalty Members Limit: Honor Penalties

Caller Position Announcements
Frequency 0 seconds
Announce Position No
Announce Hold Time No

Periodic Announcements

IVR Break Out Menu None
Repeat Frequency 0 seconds

Events, Stats and Advance

Event When Called No
Member Status Event No
Service Level 60 seconds
Agent Regex Filter -

Fail Over Destination

Queue Woo 02

Please, anyone can help me? its very important for my job!!!

A queue will always answer the call so the CDR will always show answered since app_queue answers the call. Sorry for the bad news.

Look at using queue report packages if you need good stats on queues. There are lots of commercial queue packages out there including the one in the FreePBX Store

Thx for the answer Tony, can you tell me the name of the queue packages? Is it free?. With this package the queue status can be “no answer” and “busy”. Thx again.