Problem with setting provisioning server for Polycom vvx phones

Here is the skinny.
EPM version is
Freepbx 2.11

  1. Fresh VVX 300 out of the box.
  2. Option 66 set up for DHCP and the phone goes and grabs it’s programming no problem.
  3. I have specified a Provisioning Server, FTP, User, and Passcode in the template.
  4. They do not show up in any file in the tftpboot directory when searched for with grep.
  5. The phone picks up the other parameters though, and begins working.
  6. When I take the phone to the customer location, and this is just the most embarrassing thing ever,
    the phone wakes up, looks around for a provisioning server, then reverts back to factory defaults.
  7. If I enter the provision server information via the phone keypad, it saves the programming and no problem.

I also attempted to add these device.prov. parameters by hand in the base file editor and I get no error, but they also don’t show up on the list after I save them. Corruption in the EPM? If so, how to I clean it up?