Problem with restore from full backup

As usually :slight_smile: after everything is up and running problems appear.

After all FreePBX structure was up and running I prepared full backups (by using the web GUI) of all machines. The backups were downloaded to a regular USB drive. A week after that I allready had a dead HDD.
So I changed the HDD and reinstalled the FreePBX distro (version 13). The machine was activated.
And of course I started to restore configuration from the backup.
After I started the restore procedure (as it is written in the wiki), I was asked “where to read the backup from?”. I pointed to the localy monted on my laptop USB drive and to particurlar backup file.
The FreePBX started to read the backup (in the down left corner I was able to see the process counter going from 1 to 100%).
**And surprise … after successfuly readed file the FreePBX didn’t takes me to a page where I can select which items to restore.
And of course nothing is restored on the targeting machine.
Any ideas why this happens and how the problem can be solved?
Thanks in advance.

Try to copy your Full Backup from USB Storage to your Server HDD, After copy backup file check permissions i think you have (root:root) permissions right now. For fixing Permissions on backup file you can run

fwconsole chow
ls -la
-rw-rw-r-- 1 asterisk asterisk 123456789 Jul 1 00:01 202007XX-Backup.tgz


Thank you @shahin.
Right now I do not have folder “backup” in /var/spool/asterisk.
Should I create one and what permisions has to have folder “backup” or it doesn’t matters?
And one more question - when I say Restore - and it asks me “Where is your backup file?” - what I should choose?

What version of FreePBX are you attempting to restore to?

From FreePBX to FreePBX

Backup and restore for 13 is known to be problematic. You may have better luck restoring FreePBX 13 to FreePBX 15 to be honest.

On the target 13 machine run the default backup once to generate the file folders. Then upload the tarball you want to restore from to


and change ownership to asterisk:asterisk. At that point you can use the GUI to browse to the uploaded tarball and select for restore.

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Thank you guys,
You are great.
The @shahin solution works perfect.
Everything is restored except the ETH interface settings … and VPN of course.
I restored (confugured again the OpenVPN.
And I suppose - I have to set up manualy the ETH settings.

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If I want to restore not only FreePBX settings but also IP configuration, what directory I have to include into the backup options? Should it be “/etc/network/interfaces” or CentOS keeps somewhere else the network configurations?

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