Problem with recording


I got a strange problem with recordings. Some inbound calls get out of sync. I made some experiments and my results were.

Inbound->Queue->Extension pickup = Recording is fine
Inbound->Extension = Recording out of sync

The tests were made on FreePBX and 1.811.210.57-1. On the first box the connection was PRI(sangoma) and on the second BRI(beronet, cologne chip).

Outbound recording is flawless. The recording is made by the FreePBX options on both boxes.

I have found this ticket but that does not work.

Anyone has any idea?

Thanks in advance.

Just an update on the matter.

I verified 100% that if recording is PRI->Extension there is ALWAYS a sync loss, whereas if the recording is PRI->Queue->Extension there is never a sync loss.

Should I make a ticket to asterisk bug forum? If so, can you help me out where to do it?