Problem with Polycom 670

Hello - I am new to this and could not find an answer. I have FreePBX running ok and a Polycom 670 connected as well and showing up in the system status panel as green (ok). Problem is that I can dial a number and connect a call, but neither of us can hear each other. I have done an audio test on the phone and it is fine. I am assuming I missed a configuration in FreePBX. All I did to hook up phone was to setup up the extension. Are there anymore steps to take in FreePBX? Thanks you for any help.

Most often when there are issues with hearing the other party or vise versa, its a result of NAT (Network Address Translation) not working properly with your installation. If you describe your setup and networking setup here you can probably get some clearer more detailed answers to your particular problem.

– Cheers

@buddyspike thanks for the reply. I have the phone going through an Apple Time Machine Router to the Cable Modem to my remote server (Amazon AWS/EC2). I have been able to connect to the same install of FreePBX with x-lite and another softphone. Now, this new phone, even with the same SIP settings will connect, but we can’t hear each other. Hope this helps. Thanks.