Problem with PHP

I have an error when I look at System Info:
common_functions.php 314 file_exists(/proc/scsi/scsi) the file does not exist on your machine

I have been having problems getting some PHP scripts to work, and I am thinking this may be part of the problem. I interpret this error message as saying I am missing the common functions normally used in PHP scripts.

My first question is what happened during my install? Is this a harbinger of other installation problems?

Second, How do I install this file to resolve this error?

Also, I am unable to see any log files. The .csv files exist in the CDR directory, but the MySQL status is unknown. I assume it is not running properly. I have not been able to find information regarding how to reinstall MySQL, where might I find that info?

Thanks much for your assistance.

Unfortunately you have provided to little information for anybody to help much except start making wild guesses.

/proc/scsi/scsi is a part of the OS system so you have something big going on.

hos did you install this? A distro, (if so which one and version) hand built (if so what OS, who’s directions did you use, etc)?

The more information the better. Asterisk version, FreePBX version (I’d assume 2.4 but that could be a bad assumption on my part).

I’m guessing there were errors before this that happened first, probably during install. You need to track back to the first one and address that one first as things fall apart quickly when things are not the way things are expected.