Problem with Freepbx its blank

When I am in the admin and click on inbound routes its blank any idea how to fix this ?

Go to the cli, run:

amportal a dbug

Go to inbound routes. Paste error here

it says No such command ‘amportal a dbug’ (type ‘core show help amportal a’ for other possible commands)

amportal is a command to run at the unix prompt, not within an asterisk shell.

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I ran the command what am I looking for ?

You didn’t do what I said. Run the command. Refresh the page. Post output

I went to putty and I enter amportal a dbug what am I doing wrong ?

Now go and refresh the page that is blank. You will see errors in the console

==> /var/log/httpd/error_log <==
[Wed Oct 22 16:21:59 2014] [error]
[client] PHP Fatal error: Call
to undefined method Modules::checkStatus() in
ation/ on line 5, referer:

amportal a ma updateall

now the page is not blank but I get error : FATAL ERROR

Please dont make me keep begging for information from you. You should know that I would be unable to do anything with “FATAL ERROR”.

I gave you the correct steps already.

I did what you said to do now the screen is blank .

I copy and past amportal a ma updateall and the screen is blank

I am asking for more debug. If you are getting a blank screen then what did I ask you for originally.

I did what you told me to to
I open Putty then I clicked on inbound routes I then ran this amportal a ma updateall