Problem with fax to email

Hi all,
I am getting trouble with fax to email
WARNING[16886][C-00000081]: res_fax.c:1976 receivefax_t38_init: channel ‘SIP/S2_SPT-000000a7’ refused to negotiate T.38
I had try some advice on other related topic but it seem not working
any suggestions are welcome
thanks all

It looks to me like your SIP provider doesn’t support T.38, which will make faxing more challenging. You haven’t gotten to the “to email” part yet.

i’m using freepbx distro version, asterisk version 14.4.0 and my network provider do support t.38

One of your statements is wrong. You’ll need to check this with your provider first.

my provider’s technical support comfirmed this, with make me more confused

i’m still stuck on this

Use this one liner to produce a pcap file with a test fax call. Post the pcap file to check what is happening between your provider and asterisk.

tcpdump -i eth0 -n -s 0 port 5060 -vvv -w /home/capture_file_name

Change 5060 to the port that you are using, change eth0 to the device that asterisk listens to.