Problem with external calls; I cannot hear people on the other end

I’ve recently been experiencing an issue with external calls. Sometimes when I call someone or when they call me, I cannot hear the person on the other end, but they can hear me. It happens sporadically and only seems to happen with Sangoma S505 phones. I would appreciate any ideas to resolve this.

Hi @writable
You have all the S505 phone one way audio or only one phone has this issue?
Have you tried to reboot phone? If yes and not fixed then you can get from Phone it self PCAP, Try to run PCAP for just short 5-10 sec audio call.
Or check handset maybe connector socket or cable issue…

There are a couple of phones with this issue, but not all that I am aware of. I tried a reboot and that did not resolve the problem. I will check on some of the things that you suggested.

Try to login Phone S505 Web Interface and you can find PCAP option there. I would you like to share steps but Sangoma Wiki is down now. But i think you can find PCAP option.

Thank you, I will try that. Does it make any difference that the phones are managed by Endpoint Manager in FreePBX?

All the phones are in same network or any is in remote network ?

Some time we need to add local and remote network address in SIP settings in Advance setting

They are all on the same network.

try adding full local network field in SIP setting

Audio issues are typically related to incorrect IP settings under Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings on the FreePBX unit.

If the PBX is on a NAT you need to both have the correct External IP and the Local LAN subnet listed on that page and asterisk restarted to avoid any sort of audio issues.

I should have clarified in my OP that we are using a PRI, so the server does not have an external IP address.

Well that does make a difference. In that case you’ll need to provide log output of a call without any audio.

I should clarify that even with a PRI I think (I am not 100% sure though as I’ve never needed to support a PRI connection within FreePBX) the Local LAN IP settings still need to match the network that the phones are on.

Thank you, I am going to take a look into this.

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