Problem with Distro Conversion tool

I’ve been playing with setting up FreePBX on a few VM’s in preparation to port from our old one to new one. I have a VM with clean install of FreePBX up and running. I started the Distro Conversion tool on it, located here on this wiki

I received my code, thought I’d be smart and shut down the other test VM that I had made with FreePBX running on it. Started the tool on the donor machine, went back the new machine and realized I had accidentally shut down the wrong one. I started it back up, ran the tool command

curl -s | bash

which did something for a bit and then came back to a normal prompt instead of outputting the normal stuff that should have looked like this;

[root@freepbx ~] # curl -s | bash

Checking that 'curl' exists ... OK!

Validating sha256 integrity ... OK!

Trying to download converter to /tmp/tmp .AKctIWjXSd ... Complete

Validating download ... OK!

Testing connectivity to Conversion server...Success!

FreePBX Conversion Wizard


The FreePBX Conversion Wizard needs to be run on two machines, the NEW

machine, which must be an ACTIVATED FreePBX Distro machine, and then it must

be run on the DONOR machine.

The DONOR machine is the machine that is currently processing calls, and is

the machine that will be migrated to the NEW machine. No changes will be made

to the DONOR machine, and this script will not stop or restart any services

that may cause an outage.

If this is the NEW machine, just push 'Enter' to prepare this machine

Enter ID (blank if this is NEW):

Testing FreePBX functionality ... Success!

Getting Deployment ... 12345678

Getting all Module versions ( for conversion) ... OK

Reserving a conversion slot ... Reserved!

The Conversion process is now ready. Please run the script on the

DONOR node now, and when asked for a slot identifier, please enter

the following ID:


[-] Waiting for Donor...

I need that ID to put in the donor machine, but have no idea what my new machine is doing much less the code it had before.

Any help would be appreciated if anyone knows more about this tool and if it is still running or not

Seems I also cannot log into the GUI. It asks for username/password and then nothing

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