Problem with CyberMonday

Continuing the discussion from Cyber Monday 50% off FreePBX Commercial Modules, and other news!:

Appears that CYBERMONDAY is too long to fit in the space for discounts. It stops accepting characters after “CYBERMONDA”. This is on an Ubuntu system running firefox (current levels)

I am trying to purchase some commercial modules but the ‘CYBERMONDAY’ promo code does not fit in the discount code field. It seems that its to long. It stops at ‘CYBERMONDA’.
Am I doing something wrong ?
Thank you

Same here, promo code doesn’t fit in the text box.

I’ve got our web developer looking into this, in the meantime you can use the promo code “CYBERMONDA” to take advantage of the discount, I apologize for the inconvenience.

This should be resolved.