Problem with custom alert-info on inbound route freepbx 14

Hi i try to put distinctive ring on inbound route but i face a problem. I choose my DID and when i go to the alert-info box i choose custom but i cannot edit the line… is show [CUSTOM] but cannot edit it… i try two different browser and got same result… is there a place i have to put my custom alert-info or is just a bug that i cannot edit the line…

My guess would be a bug. It works for me. Try upgrading your modules and see if it starts to work. The way it should behave is that after clicking custom, the line becomes a blank, editable, text box.

i dont know why i retest 2 min ago and was working… now i try to figure out why my grandstream ata don’t take it…

What have you set on the PBX and what have you set on the phone?

This may not be the case with their ATAs, but with the GXP2170s, you have to put this into the box in freepbx:


Changing just the word internal with whatever you put into the phone.

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