Problem with Commerical Endpoint Manager module

Hello all,

I am having a problem with the Commercial Endpoint Manager module firmware section in which I am unable to click and drag the firmware, my mouse pointer turns into a X/Y axis icon but when I click and drag it only highlights text.

I am running PIAF Purple 1.8, FPbx 10

Any help is appreciated.

Please let us know your browser and version of broswer

I actually tried it on several to make sure that I wasn’t missing something:

Firefox 19.0.3
Latest version of chrome downloaded/installed from their website
IE9 with Chrome Frame
IE8 with Chrome Frame

You guys are the best!

Just updated to the newest endpoint manager and problem is resolved!

Thank you!


So the firmware is at least draggable now into a slot but when I move one into a slot and press submit query, the firmware I have moved (in this case SNOM 1.02) goes back into the original stack, the one in the slot says undefined and there is an error which says in red writing “Firmware download failed. Please resubmit to try again.” above the slot.


Please open a support ticket at and we will be happy to assist you.

If I open a ticket will I get charged? I have to know as I would need to get approval from my superior for that action or not.


I tell you what I will send you a bill if you think your superior will approve it!

Seriously I think you have the paid support option confused with the bug tracker for the developers. While both employ a ticket, clearly there is no charge to communicate bugs to the developers on either the free or commercial modules.

Here is the link to the bug tracker. You can also browse current open issues and feature requests while viewing the status of the ticket.

Thank you very much. I may be the one that is setting up the system but hes the one that holds the credit card so its his call, i’m only a minor peon, cant step on toes.

You do know I was joking (humor), did you read the whole message?

There are no charges associated with the bug/feature system.

Yes I did, I am submitting the bug report now, thank you very much for all your help, we may be implementing a fairly large asterisk/freepbx setup where I am, currently we are on archaic Siemens PRI system and the bosses wanna toss it, so they are investigating multiple possibilities and I have been charged with setting up a demo instance of asterisk with all the bells and whistles so I am just trying to get everything setup nicely is all. So far it has been a breeze doing what they want, after I get the endpoint manager up and running I have to tackle VPN, and SRTP over TLS

When you purchase the commercial Endpoint Manager you get support for that commercial module through “” for free (you already paid for the module). So while SkyKingOH is generally correct in where to report bugs for FreePBX this is a different case and you should be reporting the bugs where Tony originally said to report them to at

I’m seeing a couple issues however following the above suggestion only shows the following for “departments”

SIPStation Support Sales Request SIPStation Number Porting
Under which one would EPM bugs get reported?


When reporting issues with commercial modules you will first need to log into the portal then under the support tab, enter the support system and submit a new "FreePBX" ticket specifing the deployment that has the licensed product you are having an issue with.