Problem with check out and Customer Ticket in Property Management Module

I have installed version 14 of freepbx with Asterisk 13. The property management and everything else has been updated. I got the property management going, but I am having difficulty in check-out. Error is message “undefined index: taxes”

There is only one tax which is VAT and no tourist tax or discount.

In addition, it seems the upgrade of property management has erased the customer ticket information. Do anyone know the html code for the body of the ticket form voice mail pw and name of customer etc.



Your PMS install is it fully completed?
You need to create some taxes, put some prices for your calls, …Etc.
Read the wiki please for any help.

What’s the PMS version?


The PMS version is I have added tax of VAT with no tourist tax or discount. I have added 3 products in minibar with VAT. I cannot enter any product in Restaurant setting. Error of “Undefined Index Taxes: charge_id. File:/var/www/html/admin/modules/pms/Pms.class/php:5846”

Billing rates are all entered for the different outgoing routes. I have checked the tax section of charges, but I still have the error I mentioned before, and the add product error. It seems all related to taxes.


First, check the wiki for the module. That should give you the information you need to get this working.

Next, hang out here for a couple more days. Someone that’s done what you’re trying to do should chime in.

If that doesn’t work (you do need to try with the Wiki) put in a Issues ticket and one of the developers should get back to you. It’s possible that there’s a bug in the way the fields are displayed or a data error that’s getting in your way.

I identified the issue.
If Discount = 0 it gives this error.
I’ll fix this problem soon.

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I cannot enter any product in Restaurant setting. Error of “Undefined Index Taxes: charge_id. File:/var/www/html/admin/modules/pms/Pms.class/php:5846”

Ok is see,
You had deleted a taxe and this one was used by some products. Now the id is broken.
I’ll add a test for avoid to delete any taxe already used.

About the line 7710, it’s fixed now. (A line has been removed)
I improved “Guest” in Room type, it accepts 0.00 now .

Dear Franck

Thank you for your help. Yes, putting in discount and tourist tax allow for check out now as a work around, but the part with the restaurant product add-on still give error 5846.


Like i said, you had certainly removed a charge which was affected to the products. And now it gives a error.
To fix it immediatly, you can use a mysql request and change the good id for each one of product broken.
In a product, there’s a charge id, if this id is : 2 and there’s no id 2, but now the charge id : 3 , you need to replace 2 by 3 in each product.

The next version will give a " Broken" on each product and you could replace the value by the new value.
also, with the new version, you could not remove any charge curently used.

I’ll let you know when the new version will be ready.

Hi Bernie.

Set Module Admin to Edge mode on YES
Make PMS update
Set Module Admin to Edge mode on NO
Try again.

You issue is fixed right now,.

About customer ticket information, the data are still there present after update.
I tested on my personnal server at home (not only on my dev servers), and all is right.
I checked this issue if this one came from only tarball, but it’s not the case here. No problem.


Best regards

Dear Franck

Thank you for your help. The edge update works now for broken tax charge link in Restaurant settings and for 0 tax or discount in check out.

I still need the html code to print out the customer ticket with check-in customer information:
Room number

Not a bug, but in the “Menu/Order” tab, Room number has an invalid item call “Menu” plus all the check in room number.



Dear Franck

I need to trouble you again.

I did not have time to check the property management after I verified the broken tax link work. I have check in total of 4 rooms now. I do not remembered when I check out the test customer and when the changes you helped me with. The check out room comes up the billing report, but the rooms are not available in Check-in. In addition, I can not check out 2 rooms, one created earlier and one now. The print preview button do not come up and the submit button disappear after the first attempt at check out. I need to exit back to general screen to reset, but still I cannot checkout.



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