Problem with Camp-On with busy phone

Hi All,

I try to use Camp-ON on FreePBX 2.10. Its works fine if the phone not answer. In This case on asterisk if you see
cc report status
79 SIP/2081 CC offered to caller
|–>[email protected]

And if you send *82 you get
79 SIP/2081 CC accepted by callee
|–>[email protected]

And if the phone 250 have activity the Camp On works.

ON BUSY Phone without CallWaiting the FREEPBX dialplan not dial the phone and Asterisk not create the object CC. And isn’t possible to use *82 (CampOn request).

Is possible work Around or Not ?

THank for your Help

I have the exact same problems with all FreePBX Distro 2.18x.210.58.

Anyone has solved this?

Thank you.

There’s a ticket (#6258) out there for this, but it seems as though this may be in Asterisk. Feel free to chime in over there : )